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Musharakah Program

It is a program that aims to increase the level of competencies in the entrepreneurship sector by addressing selected topics that fall under the umbrella of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the content of the submission consists of specialized institutes and universities from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America - and the content will be presented in Arabic with the provision of a translator.

The program is divided into:

1. Knowledge Development

Management / Finance / Leadership / Project Management / Marketing / Sales / Human Resources / Employment / Business Strategies

• This section the participant should depend on himself to do specialised research in the field on the pattern of mini studies that include his institution in the study.

• Research papers, reading documents and the main content of the section will be provided, but the research will be done by the participants according to what they find appropriate in their own way.

2. Business Development

Establishing corporate identity / creating institutional culture / digital architecture / designing and developing products and services

• The visual and institutional identity will be created with the participants in phases during the week


3. Institutional Management

Quality Management Mechanism / certificates and institutional accreditations / internal and external standards and standards / internal and external audit / strategic planning

• Initial foundations will be made in making programs, contracts and standards for the institution and will be approved later with the way the participating institution and the work team work (consulting sessions will be provided in this field for a period not exceeding six months after the end of the program)

This program was launched to a batch of ambitious entrepreneurs joined sessions at Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry, during a full program executed at Musandam.

Feel free to contact us for more details on the program.

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